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Home Environments was established in 1979 by Pat and Patty Murphy. The business originally opened its doors at The Franklin Park Mall before moving to our current location on North Division. Home Environments was the #1 Dealer of the "old style" California Cooperage would hot tubs until Coleman bought out the brand in 1983. Home Environments has been selling Colemans spas made by Maax (now called Maax Spas) ever since! We are proud of the products quality, durability and state of the art engineering to make it the best and greenest spa on the market. Along the way, the inventory list grew. Hot Tubs, swim spas, stoves and fireplaces, design and installing custom decks, solarium's, greenhouses and gazebos.

Service Area: Coeur d'alene, ID; Sandpoint, ID; Spokane Valley, WA; Mead, WA; Chattaroy, WA


  • Highest Customer Satisfaction from MAAX Spas
  • Numerous Awards For Installs of Spas
  • Numerous Awards for "Outstanding Service" (1979-Present)
  • Numerous Awards For Outstanding Sales (1979-Present)

Years in Business

Home Environments has been in business for 32 years.

Local: 509-466-9396
The old saying in real estate is “location, location, location.” Our experience with Home Environments has been “service, service, and service!” We have been long-time customers of the Home Environments family. We bought our very first hot tub in 1998. In 2001, we had the Home Environments team design and build a large solarium on our house. Then in 2007, we purchased a new home and had Home Environments redesign and build a “green wood” deck off our master bedroom for a brand new Coleman by MAAXJ hot tub. During the construction I kept saying to myself that I could have or should have done this myself, but when it was all done and I looked at the detail and finish of the deck I realized that a true professional built this deck. There was no way that I could have done that as nice! Not many places would take as good care of their customers as Home Environments has taken care of us. I did look around at other brands of hot tubs before I bought. We got the best tub, but what is probably even more important, we got the best dealer (Home Environments) in Spokane. Coleman by MAAX is a tough act to follow.
Tom & Wendy P. - Chattaroy, WA
I have enjoyed my Coleman Spa by MAAX for a little over a year now. I did extensive research into various spas and concluded the Coleman by MAAX was the best constructed and best warranted. The people at Home Environments were very helpful throughout the entire purchase and installation process. I use my spa almost daily, even in the summer. It’s a great way to relax after work or just to relax on a weekend. I highly recommend the Coleman Spa by MAAX as the best made spa and the Home Environments people are always helpful anytime I need anything.
Don R. - Spokane, WA
My wife and I were in the market for a new spa in 2005 to add to our new backyard. We spent time at all the major spa stores in Spokane. They all had pretty much the same product and same things to say. When we came into Home Environments, we were very pleased and surprised to learn what we did not know: that there was indeed a superior hot tub to every other brand, superior in so many ways. Besides the steel structural construction, what really has been fabulous is how the heater rarely comes on. So we spend about $20 per month to run our spa. The many years of experience of the staff at Home Environments is far superior to other spa places where employee turnover is high. You can trust that what Pat and his team tells you is fact. They have been right on with their ad ice and stand behind what they sell. If you buy another brand of spa, you’re going to lose money, period. Coleman by MAAX and Home Environments is worth every penny you spend.
Dan C. - Spokane, WA